The Image Makers | About
The Image Makers Studio of Photography was started in 1981 by Dwight and Carolyn Flegel. Dwight has an education in commercial art and began his photography career with a three-year stint as a photographer for the McCrory Corp starting in 1966. He then worked for Print-O-Stat for 13 years in the graphic arts department as an artist, cameraman, graphics designer and photographer. In 1981 he started The Image Makers Studio by photographing weddings, portraits and local fashion models. Dwight's work has been published in several magazines. Dwight has experience with large format, medium format and 35mm film cameras as well as digital. Dwight has experience in film developing color and black and white and for more than 13 years processed and printed all the studios clients prints from wallet size through 16x20 as well as printing for other local photographers.

Several local radio stations used the Image Makers Studio for photographing visiting celebrities. Dwight had the opportunity to photograph B.B. King, Reba McIntyre, Wayne Newton, Conway Twitty, George Jones, Vern Gosdon, and others. After 18 years in south central Pennsylvania, the studio had grown to three full time employees and five part-time photographers with an in-house color processing lab. Dwight & Carolyn decided to move the family south to enjoy the warmer weather, relocating the studio to Georgia. Dwight, Carolyn continue to focus on high-quality, creative digital wedding and portrait photography..