The Image Makers | Image Editing, Retouching And Special Effects Policy Statement

Image Editing And Retouching And Special Effects

revised 12/1/2014


Deposit: A deposit of no less than $250 but usually $500 is required to hold the date and time of your event and is applied to the package. This deposit is non refundable. The package balance is due in full no later than 10 days prior to the date of the event. The package balance payments can be broken down into 4 equal payments


Important Information:

1. REFUND POLICY: In the event of a postponement or cancellation of the event, the deposits and or payments made up to the time of the cancellation are not refundable. The payments or deposits made up to the time of the cancellation of an event may be applied to another event by the same client or another product or service provided by The Image Makers The client has the right to cancel the event package or any portion of the event package prior to the final payment on the event. After the event package has been paid for in full any part of the package not used by the client will not be refunded in cash but the client may use the same dollar value of the item not used toward the purchase of another item or service of equal value provided by The Image Makers.

2. This studio takes utmost care with respect to exposures, and delivery of images from an event, however, in the event this studio fails to comply with the terms of the event package this studios liability is limited to providing a service or product of equal value to the unused portion of the payment made toward the event package.

3. Any orders placed after 90 days from the date of the event are subject to the studios current prices  at the time the order is placed. Although we make every effort to provide the products offered in your package some items may be changed or discontinued by our vendors. In this case we will provide you with an item of equal value as close to the original product as possible. We reserve the right to substitute items if necessary. Any products that were part of the event package such as wedding albums, parents albums or books must be ordered within 6 months from the date of the release of the event.

4. It is understood that this studio will not be held responsible for photographs that can not be taken because of bad weather or late arriving members of the event including family members. Or photos that can not be taken due to lack of cooperation on the part of any member or members of the family or event party. Or photographs of particular subjects that were taken and did not turn out for any reason. And although we work very well with most venues we must comply to the rules and time line of the venue you have chosen and are not responsible for photos that can't be done because of the limitations imposed by the venue.

5. Client(s) acknowledges and agrees that the photographer is responsible for editing images that meet the standard of our quality of work. Images that do not meet our standards will be cut. Under no circumstances will unedited photographs or photographs that do not meet our standards of quality be issued to the Client(s) or anyone else. Client(s) will not receive every photograph taken at the event. Client(s) will only receive what the Image Makers Studio has edited and that has been approved as meeting our quality standards. We take a lot of images to ensure we can provide the best photographs possible, however we do not edit / retouch/ or add special effects to all images. We reserve the right to delete or not show any images that do not meet our standards of quality or photographs that we choose not to cull. It is at The Image Makers Studio's discretion as to which images will be edited, and presented to Client(s).

6. Image editing.
Almost every image from an event will have some kind of editing done to the image before being released for viewing.
Images are culled, converted from raw format to jpeg. Selected images are color corrected, image exposure is corrected. Vignetting is applied to selected images. Image softening or sharpening is done as needed.

7. Image retouching is actually different from editing.
All events we shoot include standard retouching.
Facial blemishes and scars, age lines are retouched softened or removed as needed.
Skin softening is done if needed.
Minor stray hair correction stray hair blown across the face of the subject are removed.
Skin shine from perspiration is removed or toned down.
Whitening teeth if needed.
Eye whitening if needed.
Also any other retouching your photographer feels is necessary and this is left to the discretion of the photographer.

Some retouching may require an additional fee for retouching work done.
For example images of family members or wedding party members are not covered under standard retouching..
Removing background objects or people from images is additional.
Removing tattoos involves considerable work and would require an additional fee.
Make-up applied to a person that has a glitter effect, this is difficult to fix and would require an additional fee.
Keep in mind that with retouching many things can be done to improve an image. But like anything else the extensive additional work to an image involves additional time and effort on the part of the photographer and that may involve considerable additional charges being passed on to you.
A quote for the additional retouching work will be provided by your photographer before the additional work is done..

8. Special Effects added to images is different from editing or retouching. We have custom special effects and coloring techniques that we use to create very artistic looking images making your wedding or other event  images unique to you and memorable. Samples of our unique special effects are shown on our web site and in our sample books. Special effects are not used on all images and again special effects are applied to special selected images at the discretion of the photographer.

We make every effort to get your images out to you on DVD or other media as quickly as possible, usually within two weeks after your event. Requesting image retouching on images after your images DVD or other media has been shipped to you involves sending the additional retouched images to you via e-mail.... limit of 3-4 images can be attached to an e-mail due to the size of the images. If a copy or additional DVD or other media device is requested there will be a charge of $55 to burn and ship an additional DVD or other storage media device with the added retouched images.

Your images from your event that have required special retouching are added to your image gallery after being sent to you by e-mail and usually are added to the end of the gallery as additional images but sometimes replacing the original image (s). Your photographer will let you know how to find the revised images on line.

9. The client agrees the Image Makers studio or it's representatives has the right to photograph persons, and property included as part of your booked event. This studio reserves the right to use, publish, or display any photographs taken as a result of this agreement. All negatives or digital images will remain the property of the studio.

10. Additional meetings with the photographer: Your event photography package does not include meetings with the photographer or having a photographer meeting at your venue or other location. These meetings require the photographers time and you may be required to pay a fee of $25.00/hr for the meeting including travel round trip for the photographers time.

11. EVENT EXTENSION:  We offer our clients the convenience of purchasing additional time to view events online. Your package includes 3 months but if you need additional time to make your choices or finish your wedding album you can purchase additional hosting time. This is also ideal as a gift giving solution for family and friends, Event Extension allows for additional time to share the memories and finalize important product purchases. If your event has already expired you will need to contact your photographer in order to renew you event. You can renew the event for 1-month $19.98, 3-months $39.96, 6-months $79.92, 1-year $159.84

We offer flexibility of packages allowing you to customize your event coverage and prints to suit your needs and budget. From the traditional to the photo journalistic, candid, special effects, composites, black and white, sepia and more. No other studio offers so much flexibility of packaging.

12. HOW LONG DO WE KEEP YOUR IMAGES ON FILE: Any Images not purchased along with a copyright release from the photographer are only stored for a short period of time.

    Portrait Images are stored for one year from the date of the session. That is any portrait session including engagement sessions that were part of the wedding package.

    Wedding Images are stored for approximately 2 years from the date of the wedding. After Two years we are not responsible for storing your images. If your images are available

Replacement or duplicate copies of your image DVD are priced at $55ea. This covers our time retrieving the images and burning and shipping a new DVD and copyright release.


"Can we purchase RAW files? We believe Photography is truly an art form: from composing the image and ensuring it is shot with correct exposure, depth of field, etc. to the final image. Our clients hire us because they enjoy the images we create and the way the final product is delivered (i.e. our post processing/editing/retouching/special effects). For this reason we do not sell RAW (unedited) files."