The Image Makers | Standard Engagement Session

Standard Engagement Session


The Standard Engagement Session,

Your Engagement Session will be photographed by one of the Image Makers team at a location near our studio. The sessions are a maximum of 2 hrs. Starting at the time the photographer arrives at the session location.  Depending on the location of the session their may be additional charges for travel.

Additional time can be added to the session at $125.00/hr. 

During the session there may be an outfit change if you wish.

The images from your session will be processed, retouched and the Image Makers custom special effects and coloring technique will be used to create very artistic images making your e-session images unique to you and memorable.

1. One photographer
2. Limit of two hours.
3. Standard image retouching. Standard retouching includes facial blemishes removed on the bride and groom only, minor stray hair correction is done and skin shine is removed.
4. Hi res DVD with the print rights release to the finished images from your session.
5. All your images are posted on line for your review and ordering of professional prints or books.

Additional retouching is left to the discretion of the photographer and my require additional charges.
Example: Removing objects or people from images is an additional charge.


Allow me to explain what you are paying for because I am sure most people don't understand the amount of work that goes into the session.
1. With each session you get a specific amount of time for us to actually shoot the session.
With the standard session you get a max of 2 hours of shooting session. That two hours covers our time to get to the session location shoot the session and return home after the session.
With the Custom session you have us for up to 4 hours.
2. Then we must review the images from the session, back the images up on our external hard drives to prevent any loss of the images.
3. Then we start the editing process, going through all the images and editing out the bad ones and doing color and contrast corrections to the images we choose to use.
4. Then we must retouch any images that may require retouching. Facial blemishes, eye corrections and minor stray hair corrections etc. 
5. Then we must do the special effects to the images that we feel would look great with special effects.
6. Then the finished images are burned to a DVD for you.
7. Then the finished images are uploaded to a web site where you can view and share the images with friends and family.
8. Then we e-mail you the print rights release to the images on the DVD.
So as you can see there is actually twice as much time spent on steps 2 - 8 then there is actually shooting the session.